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Living close to nature

During the summer we live close to nature in my family. Especially we love to be close to the sea - taking boattrips, swimming and this summer we have tried SUP-boards for the very first time.

We love to swim in the fresh sea, even in the evening. Egen you are living close to nature, you are coming closer to old traditions, folklore and mythology.

Yesterday we celebrated St. Olaf‘s Eve on Randøya, an island in the archipelago nearbye Kristiansand. We use to go for a boattrip and have a familygathering the 29th of July. The evening is a memorial evening of St. Olaf and how he died in the battle at Stiklestad. I don’t think many Norwegians celebrate St. Olaf, but in the archipelago it’s always nice to come together and mark the day, which is an official flagday in Norway.

I will write more about our summerlife close to nature later.

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