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The Worst Cabin Ever - How to renovate the worst cabin and the worst yard

You have to be brave to buy an old cabin and an overgrown yard where nobody has taken CARE of the property for several years. My project is to make my cabin and yard look glamourous in a nordic style. It’s by the sea, but the cabin was in a forrest. First of all I had to saw of the trees

in the yard. My family hjelped me. Now I have to cut down the ferns, the fireweed and all the plants (weed) which are growing quickly in the yard. I don’t have time to work there every day, so I need to find solutions which could work when I don’t have time to work there. I will share the changes of the yard and the cabin with the readers of this blog. Even though it’s seems impossible to renovate this cabin, I love to work in the nature, making changes with meagre resources.

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